Psychological Thriller

"Enter, at your own risk" is a psychological thriller that draws the reader in, and then captivates you until the last page. Its rich character base and incredible story line makes the reader feel as if they are a part of this book. April O'Brien has a writing style that brings her characters to life, and makes them a part of the reader. She gently guides the reader through a complex story, without the reader ever realizing its complexity. This is the kind of book that if you are forced to put it down, it will leave you thinking about it for the rest of the day, pulling at you to return and pick it back up. "Enter, at your own risk" takes you into the mind of a serial killer, and into the lives of the people that his actions affect. It will also make you think twice about entering another contest at your local grocery store, or anywhere else. This book has the best ending, so full of impact, and definitely leaves you wanting more.

Enter (at your own risk)