“Scribbles” by April O’Brien

This is a picture looking out my window in late September, somewhere in the Colorado Rockies.aspendriveway


I am surrounded by life here, in this peaceful and remote place I have found for myself. I need it so badly., my life has been so hectic and full of hard lessons. I try to learn from each of them but there is that straw. I hope you enjoy some of my life stories. You will laugh, cry, get mad, feel sorrow, be intrigued, and even shake your finger at me. The one thing you will not be is bored.


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I am so happy you are hear. Welcome to my blog. I am an author, so this blog will be a copulation of many short stories, but will read like a novel. Every story is true except for “The memory keeper.”  If you haven’t read my book “April was here” you should. It is my autobiography, yet it ends when I am twenty. It is five hundred pages of action, and never has a dull moment. It is better than most novels. This blog is a continuance of that book. Enjoy the ride…



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and “Enter (at your own risk)”