Katrina Michelle O'Brien

Katrina my love
First thing every morning my mind flows to you,
then reality hits me, your time here is through.
No changing the weather no mountain to move,
what reason for living if I'm not living for you?

The mail came today, a letter for you.
I wanted to run up the street yelling,
she was here! See, it's true!
Your pictures tell stories that I wish people knew,
I just can't accept that your time here is through!

One day I pretended you were asleep in your bed,
I screamed out your name, Katrina, get up sleepy head!
I wanted so badly for you to yell back, Just 10 more minutes mom but I got silence instead.

The sun still rises but its glow is gone.
Colors have lost there vibrancy, and we don't know how to go on.
I must find completely new reasons to do almost everything,
when just a short time ago, you were my reason for living!

Thank god I have Kevin, he strengthens my will
but the emptiness I'm feeling no one can fill.
Both of our hearts are broken, our lives ever changed
but if we could do it all over again, we would never complain.

You were not just my daughter, you were my best friend.
25 years here is not long enough, It was just the beginning,
it should not be the end!

It went by to quickly, this thing we call life.
People say that you are in a better place, I wish that were true.
All that I'm sure of, is that your time here is through...

We will love you forever Katrina, and keep your memory alive.
We miss you so
Mom and Dad

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